XPCOIN is Mike Garcia

5 Aug 2018

XPCOIN is Michael M. Garcia 2013-2017

Working with computers, I heard about bitcoin in 2008.
In the little ride of 2013, I wanted my own decentralized gaming cryptocurrency.
But I never did anything with it because the more I looked into bitcoin, the flaws were obvious.

:: MYTHS & HYPE ::

Its not decentralized when there are large holders manipulating prices.
Look at the ICOs and see the % released, no different to the stockmarkets.

Blockchains, because its open, will always be hacked.
And its not hard, you just need the biggest computing network.

Monetary value
There maybe value.. but monetary value is only based on the greater fool theory.

Scarcity value
Scarcity value hasnt been legal tender in many decades!
It actually makes the rich richer and the poor poorer!
Only the poor would ever sell it.

Legal currency
Sovereign countries use their currency and interest rate to better their people.
When they cant you get what happened to the Euro.
No country or union would lose that.

Futures exchanges are regulated, but not crypto exchanges.
Casinos are better regulated!
I would rather trust a bucket shop and trade against them with derivatives like CFDs or spot FX!
Never trust a cryptocurrency exchange!